Delhi, May 9, 2018

Amnex Infotechnologies Private Limited (a Gujarat, India based technology company, Managing Director: Aditya Shah), Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd. (India subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., Managing Director: Bharat Kaushal) and Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. (a Tokyo, Japan based SI and solutions company, President: Tatsuro Hoshino, which provides Geographical Information Systems Product, called Hitachi Solutions Geographical Information System (hereinafter “Hitachi Solutions GIS”) have been working closely since 2016 to penetrate India market jointly with Hitachi Solutions GIS. For this purpose, companies signed an agreement making Amnex Infotechnologies the first official technology partner of Hitachi Solutions GIS in India and as a part of cementing the partnership a center of excellence was created in Amnex Infotechnologies facilities in Ahmedabad for technology and expertise transfer as well as localization of Hitachi Solutions GIS for the Indian e-Governance market.

Hitachi Solutions GIS is a well-proven Geographical Information Systems Product with more than 30 years of history and wide-range of references focused on urban infrastructure such as electric, water, gas sectors, public government sector and agriculture sector in Japan to name a few. Other than Japan market, Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi Solutions, released a new property insurance service that utilizes locational information in USA and it has been conducting R&D in agriculture sector in collaboration with the Japan Government and Hitachi in Australia. Amnex Infotechnologies has created a niche for itself in the Indian e-Governance market space by providing cutting edge technology solutions with the optimal use of data science to provide a unique experience to cater to the customer requirements.

The India market is currently in the transition phase and has been undergoing tremendous expansion through a number of urban infrastructure, smart city and agriculture modernization projects. This has led to an urgent need for Geographical Information Systems for areas such as asset management, land records management, agricultural land and crop management based on “Digital India”. Amnex Infotechnologies, Hitachi India and Hitachi Solutions is jointly targeting this market with its Hitachi Solutions GIS Product. In addition to the Indian market, the parties would also be targeting the Middle East and South East Asian markets for further expansion for the Hitachi Solutions GIS business.

Gujarat State Agriculture Project

The efforts of both companies enabled us with our first result in May of 2017 with the award of a project for the “Crop Estimation and Loss Assessment using remote sensing & geospatial technology for the State of Gujarat” under the preview of the Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. a Government of Gujarat undertaking. The objective of the project is to increase the income of farmers by increasing agricultural production and productivity by imparting knowledge of scientific methods of farming. The implementation of the project is initially for a period of 1 year but it is expected to be extended additional for a further two years since this is the first implementation of such a large scale information technology project for the agriculture sector in Indian e-Governance.

The scope of work for the project encompasses, Crop Acreage Estimation and Crop Damage/loss Assessments using the current advancement in remote sensing & geospatial technology along with the development of a web portal to centralize crop related maps, data and reports. The project will provide the Government organizations with an innovative agricultural technology solution to analyze the early season crop area to generate estimations and agricultural statistics, monitoring changes in cropping pattern and provide services to farmers in terms of management and planning. The scope also includes the design and development of a system for preparation & analysis of digital crop map and integration of spatial database along with development of a customized Web based application for accessing information at the departmental and farmer level for decision-making and early warning system.

Amnex Infotechnologies will be responsible for the entire data capturing, remote sensing activities, system integration, crop acreage mapping, planning, and yield data modeling by using machine leaning algorithms. Hitachi India and Hitachi Solutions will be providing the necessary geospatial platform for developing the digital crop maps and web based application for accessing the crop data from the integrated database. The project’s first phase will be completed in June 2018 and it will take two more years to complete the entire project.

Joint IP Development

Amnex Infotechnologies and Hitachi Solutions have jointly decided to position and localize Hitachi Solutions GIS as a product to address the specific needs and requirements of the Indian market. Based on the experience in working with the Indian market Amnex Infotechnologies has been able to understand the needs and expectations to address the market requirements. The parties decided to take a progressive approach and invest to localize Hitachi Solutions GIS as a product to make it more fit for the Indian market. This development will enable Hitachi Solutions GIS as a product to address the wider market segment in India.

The collaboration will be showcased as a joint IP development to strengthen the partnership between the parties. The development starts from April 2018. Both parties target to expand the Social Innovation Business to City GIS and Smart City Projects through the joint IP development.

Further to the Indian market, the parties will be targeting Middle East and South East Asian markets for further expansion of Hitachi Solutions GIS business.

About Hitachi in India

Hitachi started its business in India in the 1930’s. With over 25 business bases and approximately 10,000 employees in India. Presently, Hitachi Group in India is expanding through using its expertise in ‘Social Innovation Business’, by providing solutions in the areas including information and communication systems, industrial systems like water, oil and gas supply and management, transportation and urban development systems. Together with further localisation, Hitachi aims to contribute to developing a sustainable society in India as well as contributing to the country’s economic growth. For more information about the Hitachi Group in India, please visit the website at


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