Mumbai, May 9, 2019: Asian Paints Ltd today announced their financial results for the quarter and
Twelve months ended March 31, 2019.
“The decorative business segment in India registered double digit volume growth in the fourth
Quarter. The Industrial Coatings JV (AP-PPG) witnessed good growth in the dealer channel for both,
Powder and Protective coatings. The Automotive coatings JV (PPG-AP) growth was impacted as a
result of the slowdown in the Auto OEM segment. High raw material prices and marketing spends
in the fourth Quarter affected the margins.
Challenging business conditions affected operations in some of the key markets in our International
business portfolio, especially Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Kitchen (Sleek) and
Bath (Ess Ess) business in the Home Improvement portfolio grew well and we continue to work on
scaling up these operations further” said K.B.S. Anand, Managing Director & CEO, Asian
Paints Limited.
Asian Paints Consolidated Results, Q4-FY’19:
For the quarter ended March 31, 2019, on consolidation of accounts of the subsidiaries and associate of
Asian Paints – Revenue from operations has risen by 11.7 % to ` 5,018.21 crores from ` 4,492.30 crores.
Profit before depreciation, interest, tax and other income (PBDIT) for the group decreased by 2.0 % to
` 822.96 crores from ` 839.93 crores. Profit Before Tax (PBT) decreased by 5.5 % to ` 740.32 crores from
` 783.61 crores. Net Profit after Minority Interest decreased by 1.6 % to ` 473.11 crores as compared to
` 480.99 crores in the previous corresponding period.

Asian Paints Consolidated Results, 12M-FY’19:
For the twelve months ended March 31, 2019, Asian Paints Group Revenue from operations has increased
by 14.9 % to ` 19,349.84 crores from ` 16,843.76 crores. PBDIT for the group has increased by 10.2 % to
` 3,524.53 crores from ` 3,197.61 crores. Profit Before Tax (PBT) increased by 7.9 % to ` 3,310.73 crores
from ` 3,068.48 crores. Net Profit after Minority Interest increased by 5.9 % to ` 2,159.49 crores as
compared to ` 2,038.93 crores in the previous corresponding period.
The Board of Directors recommended the payment of final dividend of ` 7.65 per equity share (765 %).
An interim dividend of ` 2.85 per equity share (285 %) was distributed in FY’18-19. Thus total dividend
announced for FY’18-19 will be ` 10.50 per equity share (1050 %). The total dividend for the year FY’17-
18 was ` 8.70 per equity share (870 %).
Asian Paints Standalone Results, Q4-FY’19:
For the quarter ended March 31, 2019, Revenue from Operations has increased by 12.2 % to `4,235.32
crores from `3,775.35 crores. PBDIT for the quarter decreased by 2.0 % to `770.03 crores from `785.36
crores. Net Profit on a Standalone basis decreased by 2.4 % to `479.68 crores from `491.57 crores.
Asian Paints Standalone Results, 12M-FY’19:
For the year ended March 31, 2019, Revenue from operations increased by 15.8 % to `16,391.78 crores
from `14,153.71 crores. PBDIT for the year increased by 13.3 % to `3,307.95 crores as compared to
`2,920.50 crores in the previous year. Net Profit on a Standalone basis increased by 12.7 % to `2,134.76
crores from `1,894.80 crores in the previous year.
About Asian Paints Limited:
Asian Paints is India’s leading paint company and ranked among the top ten Decorative coatings
companies in the world with a consolidated turnover of ` 19,349.84 crores (` 193.50 billion). Asian Paints
along with its subsidiaries have operations in 16 countries across the world with 27 paint manufacturing
facilities, servicing consumers in over 65 countries through Berger International, SCIB Paints – Egypt,
Asian Paints Berger, Apco Coatings, Taubmans, Kadisco and Causeway. Asian Paints is also present in the
Home Improvement and Décor space in India through Sleek (Kitchens) and Ess Ess (Bath Fittings).

Media Contact : Arun Nair,  Asian Paints Limited, Tel: +91-22-62181168,


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