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Bosch grows with connected energy and building solutions

07.12.2018 The key to further growth: artificial intelligence Management board member Stefan Hartung: “Everyone is talking about AI. We’re putting it to use.” Bosch energy and building technology sales rise to 5.5 billion euros Bosch is expanding its involvement in  →
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Bosch and Veniam ensure seamless vehicle-to-everything connectivity

05.12.2018 Dr. Dirk Hoheisel: “Bosch is taking a multi-standard approach when it comes to V2X.” All-in-one principle: Bosch connectivity unit communicates using all of the world’s popular transmission technologies. Smart connection management software from Veniam always selects the best communication  →
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Bosch wins Automechanika Innovation Award for Augmented Reality application at technical trainings

12.09.2018 Innovative training technology makes technology transparent Innovation Award at the “Alternative Drive Systems & Digital Solutions” category First service trainings supported by Augmented Reality (AR) as of November Additional technical seminars with AR support are already being elaborated Frankfurt  →
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Bosch Group to integrate breakthrough mobility services and AI in India

Bengaluru, 2018-06-20 Bosch Group CEO Denner: “The Indian economy is on the rise again and holds tremendous potential” Powertrain: Bosch is committed to address the transition from BS-IV to BS-VI in India and offers new breakthrough in Diesel technology Connected mobility:  →
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