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Apeejay Tea and WWF announce outcomes of 3-year collaboration on Human-Elephant Conflict management in Sonitpur

24 August 2018 Apeejay Tea and WWF India today announced the outcomes of their successful partnership to prevent and manage Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) at select areas in Assam. The three- year partnership, from 2015-2018, between Apeejay Tea and WWF-India was  →
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Kochi citizens pledge to adopt Sustainable Mobility

04 August 2018 The Saturday morning witnessed Kochi citizens come together in huge numbers to participate in WWF-India’s ‘One Planet Cities Pedalathon’ to take a stand for the cause of adopting sustainable modes of commute as part of the One Planet Cities  →
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Black Spotted Turtles no match for fast and furious illegal trade

28 May 2018 Asia’s illegal trade in the Black Spotted Turtle is spiralling out of control. A new TRAFFIC study shows over 10,000 individuals have been seized in two years, eclipsing numbers recorded in a previous six-year study. The attractive  →
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