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Bengaluru, India’s IT and outsourcing capital, has of late been hosting marathons regularly and its citizens have been enthusiastically participating in them in large numbers.
Scores of companies, particularly from the IT, ITES and Biotechnology sectors, participate in these marathons in large numbers for improving their brand visibility and team-building while effectively demonstrating their corporate social responsibility by associating with the city’s issues.
Mr. Subhakar Rao, Chairman, Champions Group said, “It is no coincidence that Bengaluru has achieved this distinction of being called the “Go Green Knowledge Capital‟ of the new flat world. It is the hard work, perseverance and tenacity of our young workforce who work day & night, round the clock to keep our economy growing. But, the city has become a concrete jungle and it’s time to Go Green. It is time to make our city greener. Come participate in the Go Green Run and each runner also gets to take home a plant.”
Bengaluru Go Green Run Event Date: Saturday, July 20th, 2013
Mark July 20th as a corporate fun day for your company and team:- Ride some exciting ATVs after the Race at Champion Vehicles site opposite Decathlon, Sarjapur (
Bengaluru Go Green Run is organized by Champions Group & Decathlon, Sarjapur. This team has been involved with numerous marathons like Midnight Marathon and events like “Champion in Me” 5k Run in the Past. After two successful years of marathon events, this 3rd “Go Green Run” event edition is scheduled to be held from Decathlon, Sarjapur on Saturday July 20, 2013 starting at 7am. This year we expect an even larger participation and excitement.
Corporate Relay
The Corporate Relay is an innovative new addition to the event created as a part of the Bengaluru Go Green Run. The relay gives corporate entities an opportunity to participate in the marathon as a team of four. As the name suggests it is a relay. The teams have to complete the marathon by dividing the 10K run distance between four people x 2.5 Km each.
Why a Relay
A 10K run could be a grueling race and it is not possible for most corporate people to complete the race thus the team event where the distance is shared, endured and completed by a team of four people. This event gives corporate entities a chance to participate in the Go Green Run as a team and fulfill their team building and brand objectives.
The event is open for participation to all corporate entities that either have a base in Bengaluru or are based out of Bengaluru.
This event provides an excellent opportunity to organizations as it is a ready-made one stop solution for three critical requirements:
Corporate Social Responsibility
Organizations have realized their role and responsibility towards making the society greener where they operate in. This event apart from being for charitable and for noble causes like helping Uttarakhand Flood relief also provides a platform for your employees to interact with and be involved with society.
Employee Engagement Programs
A team that plays together stays together. A 10K Group Run is one of the greatest opportunities to run together as it is one of those rare events that have the whole team playing together irrespective of age, sex, background or skill sets.
Brand Building Initiatives
Participating in the Corporate relay or Group run is a great way to promote your brand too. Your team running in T-shirts with bibs having your company logos in color attracts a lot of attention. If they win then the bonus is that all media will write about your team.
In this regard, we would like to invite all Bengaluru companies to come join the Go Green Run and Turn the City Greener. The contribution will go towards Uttarakhand Flood Relief. Also, each participant will take home a plant.
About Champions Group:
Champions Group is a global business group with forays into marketing outsourcing, data digitization & Go Green Buidling Solutions, real estate, infrastructure, communication, entertainment and campaigns. Over the years, Champions Group has grown to over a 2000 people group and diversified into various business sectors. With positive energy, professional development, prompt fulfilment and integrity as key values, we are in the process of creating numerous strong businesses.

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