On 18th December 2013, Cummins India Ltd., the Country’s leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines for
power generation, industrial and automotive applications, unveils a series of generator sets that are compliant with the new environmental norms (CPCB II), to be implemented by the Central Pollution Control Board in India. The Company will soon launch fuel-efficient and smartly-designed auxiliary power solutions. The Company has already commenced production of the new series of generator sets at its plant in Pirangut in Maharashtra. So far, nearly 50 units have been field tested, successfully operating for more than 6,000 hours at customer sites across India. The new series of generator sets are equipped with after-treatment systems that feature the most advanced exhaust emission-reduction technologies available today, not only exceeding the mandated emission standards, but also offering improved energy efficiency. In addition, technological innovation has eliminated the need for diesel particulate filters by deploying a high-pressure fuel injection system that significantly optimizes fuel efficiency.

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