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Thanks to its many impressive palaces, the city of Mysore in India is a hotspot for any fan of immersive beauty. Since January 26, movie lovers have had an extra reason to drop by: on that day, the city’s first multiplex DRC Cinemas installed Auro 11.1 by Barco, the market leading immersive sound solution with more committed installations and films than any other immersive format. It is the first movie theater complex in the state of Karnataka and the third in India to treat its audience to a revolutionary, auditory movie experience.

However DRC Cinemas was impressive enough to begin with. The carefully designed lobby and franchise counters create the perfect ambience, while top-of-the-line equipment in every screening room ensures the best possible conditions. Adding Auro 11.1 to the mix further completes the experience. Undoubtedly, the many people who saw – and heard! – the widely praised blockbuster Vishwaroopam in Tamil with Auro 11.1 by Barco can confirm this.
Faced with an increasingly demanding audience, Auro 11.1’s immersive sound allows DRC Cinemas to distinguish itself from other complexes in the region. “We are happy that we decided to install Auro 11.1,” says Vaishali Hanumanth, Owner at DRC Cinemas. “It’s an amazing technology, which offers a great overall experience and is user-friendly to boot. We look forward to installing the sound platform to our other screens as well in the future.”
Abel Garamhegyi, Managing Director, Barco India mentions, “The latest product of Auro 11.1 by Barco sound system is trying to reach the perfection which we already achieved in the pictures in the cinemas with the sound. The human being is pretty much driven by both and in the movie theatre it is very important to have that experience as a total impression on the individuals. Barco Auro 11.1 has the minimum amount of speakers to achieve the maximum amount of reality the 3-dimensional sound experiences and this is why more and more cinemas in India realize that this is the best investment. The bookings for the Barco Auro 11.1 halls are much higher than the standard 5.1, we really believe that we caught the attention of the audience with this one and it can be a very powerful tool with the competition that people stay at home and watch their big television set as they can come together and enjoy the overall experience.”
About DRC Cinemas
It is the first multiplex in Mysore city. The DRC cinema which is managing the multiplex is a partnership between two old families of Mysore, the Padakis and the Murthys. The former has a history in running movie theatres and latter in hospitals. The Padakis has been running the famous Shantala theatres for generations and granddaughter has ventured into multiplex.
About Barco
Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization products for a variety of selected professional markets. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with about 3,900 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.156 billion euros in 2012.

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