The Philippines is among the fastest-growing economies among the Southeast Asian countries. As such, the retail trade is forecast to witness a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% throughout 2016-2021, one amongst the highest within the Asia-Pacific region. Food and grocery sector is the largest among the Philippines’ retail industry accounting for 65% of the overall retail sales in 2016.

The Food & Grocery marketing within the Philippines’, highlights the most important factors impacting the expansion of food and grocery sector within the country, the sales of major types like drinks, tobacco, food, grocery and householdproducts, key players and sales through varied distribution channels.

Convenience, rising middle class population and customer’s affinity towards healthy product spur the demand for higher quality food product

Within the sector, food and drinks are the largest categories accounting for 82.4% and 12.8% share of the area sales severally in 2016. In terms of growth, food and drinks are again the quickest growing categories, whereas tobacco is expected to grow at a faster growth throughout 2016-2021 compared to 2011-20216. The food  and grocery sector is principally driven by factors such as an improving economy, increased consumer spendingand a rising middle population that loves higher quality and health consious products. Additionally, an increasing number of food specialists are giving new prepackaged food variants in easy to carry and consume formats to cater to the increasing working class, reason for the expansion of this sector.

Convenience stores lead, whereas online is the fastest growing marketing and distribution channel

Among the various channels of distribution, convenience stores is the leading marketing accounting for a share of  38% in 2016, followed by hypermarkets, supermarkets and laborious discounters and food and drinks specialists. Sales through online channel, albeit marginal, are projected to register the quickest CAGR of 14.9% over the period of 2016-2021. Sales through online channel is gaining traction over the past few years, driven by exaggerated smartphone penetration and also the growing quality of e-commerce among the younger population.”

Local players dominate the extremely fragmented market

The Food and grocery sector within the Philippines is very fragmented with majority shoppers preferring native stores for day to day grocery looking. The highest ten retailers within the country along, accounted for less than 10% share in 2016. Prominent retailers include Puregold Price Club, Robinsons Supermarket, SM Group, Savemore and 7-Eleven among others. Among the top ten, the arena is dominated by native players with nine of the top 10 retailers having local origin and 7-Eleven being the only real international retailer. However, within the wake of the rising economy and rising working class, large international retailers equivalent to Lawson and Family Mart are creating inroads into the country paving path for a additional organized retail landscape.

Food and grocery sector continues to be the biggest sector through 2021

Against the backdrop of  rising economy, middle class with a predilection for convenience, increasing househld consumption and health awareness, the food and grocery sector is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.2% over the period 2016-2021. additionally, the entry of large international retailers into the country and increasing customer interest in large store formats are expected to feature to the expansion of the sector.

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