News/Article Published by main Source Elitecore Technologies, a global provider of Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP), announces that its SMP has successfully enabled Tier-1 operators set up Wi-Fi networks to monetize their 3G/4G/Wireline Broadband services. With the growing trends of smart device usage, data consumption and subscribers need for mobility; Wi-Fi is becoming a compelling business proposition for operators. However, the challenge remains in managing the Wi-Fi alongside 3G/4G/Wireline Broadband networks to successfully launch Wi-Fi combo or Wi-Fi only plans.

To address operators’ manageability, Elitecore brings innovation in developing Wi-Fi SMP, bundled with pre-Integrated AAA, MAP-GW & Charging Gateway which not only latches users seamlessly on available Wi-Fi networks but also enforces subscriber’s 3G/4G/Wireline Broadband policies onto Wi-Fi and charges for data usage. The SMP supports authentication for both EAP-SIM and Non EAP-SIM devices along with subscriber data plans like time-based, speed-based, application-based and volume-based plans.

Says Dhaval Vora, VP, Product Management, Elitecore, “Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP is playing critical role in the success of operators’ heterogeneous network strategy as it helps maintain the customer experience while enhancing Quality of service. In order to truly succeed in their Wi-Fi strategy, operators must utilize their existing investments in 3G and provide better reach, easy access and last mile Wi-Fi connectivity to their subscribers while having the capability to enforce same policy as their existing data plans and charging usage. Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP is based on modular & flexible integration architecture which can seamlessly integrate with the operator’s existing voucher, charging and policy control systems.”

Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP brings value for operators using 3GPP-compliant EliteAAA which supports seamless Wi-Fi offload through HLR integration of 3G subscribers and LI intercept to bring security and regulatory compliance while Captive Portal and Mobile app authenticate users in different device scenarios like non-EAP-SIM. Charging Gateway in SMP provides an interface for communication between network and IT components while Business Intelligence (BI) tool monitors and analyzes usage, revenue and traffic patterns, network performance and subscriber preferences.

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