On 26th February, 2014, Idea Cellular, India’s third largest mobile operator, announced its partnership agreement with online browser Opera Software to offer Internet access to its subscribers for as low as Rs 7 per day. Using ‘Idea Web Pass’, users can access mobile Internet services on the Opera Mini web browser. The packages, which can be bought from within the Opera Mini browser, will cost Rs 7 (weekly Facebook pass), Rs 8 (daily Internet pass) and Rs 30 (weekly Internet pass). Idea Web Pass will entice more users to get online and serve as a catalyst to boost mobile Internet usage, he added.

“Idea has consistently focused on growing data penetration across the country, we understand that a lot of Idea users choose to access a few preferred sites rather than buying full data plans,” Idea Cellular Chief Marketing Officer Sashi Shankar said. This partnership will help us to reach out to those users and provide them with a convenient data-plan option, he added. “We believe that more and more Internet users accessing web via mobile phones will usher in a new wave of mobile-data growth in the country,” Shankar said.

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