Jan 2, 2018

Regular growth in the consumption of mobile data, fixed broadband, VoIP and pay-television offerings is helping Malaysia’s telecom market remain possible through to 2021. Malaysia expansion of High-speed wireless and fixed Broadband Networks to force Telecom market growth’ confirms that the world, which has struggled considering the fact that 2014, is predicted to recover from 2019 onwards returning a flat performance of +0.01% increase via 2021 with expected sales of $8.4bn.

The Malaysian telecom service providers suffered a revenue decline of 8.1% in 2016, in particular, due to a susceptible financial system, a charge war on broadband services and a popular decline in voice revenue. Sales were further decreased as operators competed with every other to provide less expensive plans to counter weak patron spending.

Mobile services revenue is set for a flat compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.8% till 2021, due to the big erosion in mobile voice sales caused by user migration from voice telephony to OTT-calling applications together with loose calling presented by means of operators as part of package offers.

Mobile voice revenue, which was the main source to the services providers, contributed 37.8% of total service sales in 2016 are now facing stiff competition from OTT-calling packages. As a massive variety of customers are actually migrating to these services even as conventional sales streams are being eroded.

Fixed broadband, mobile and the pay-television segments are set to provide a boost to sales, driving the market upwards and helping it to stay afloat over the next 4 years. Mobile data sales is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 2.8% to attain $2.7bn in 2021, driven by means of the growing consumption of high-bandwidth online content on smartphones, and adoption of 4G/LTE-A.

Amir delivered: “information offerings could be the most important revenue generator from 2018, contributing 50% of overall sales in 2021. With ravenous call for facts, operators will maintain to spend money on LTE/LTE-A and fibre network enlargement to keep boom.

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