June 10, 2017

What is covered in the report about the “North America Operating Room Equipment Market”?

GlobalData’s “North America Operating Room Equipment Market Outlook to 2021” report is a comprehensive databook report, covering key market data on the North America Operating Room Equipment market. The databook report provides value (USD), volume (units) and average prices (USD) within market segments – Operating Room Lights, Operating Room Tables and Surgical Booms.

The North America Operating Room Equipment Market report provides key information and data on:

  • Annualized market revenues (USD), volume (units) and average prices (USD) data for each of the market segments. Data is provided from 2007 to 2014 and forecast to 2021.
  • 2014 company share and distribution share data for Operating Room Equipment market.
  • Global corporate-level profiles of key companies operating within the North America Operating Room Equipment Market. Based on the availability of data for the particular category and country, information related to pipeline products, news and deals is also available in the report.

North America Operating Room Equipment is segmented as follows:

  • Operating Room Lights
  • Operating Room Tables
  • Surgical Booms

Content of the Report

  • Introduction
  • Operating Room Equipment Market, North America
  • Operating Room Equipment Market, Canada
  • Operating Room Equipment Market, Mexico
  • Operating Room Equipment Market, United States
  • Overview of Key Companies in North America Operating Room Equipment Market
  • Operating Room Equipment Market Pipeline Products
  • Recent Developments
  • Appendix

Key benefits of buying this profile include:

  • Business strategies by identifying the key market segments poised for strong growth in the future.
  • Market-entry and market expansion strategies.
  • Design competition strategies by identifying who-stands-where in the market.
  • Develop investment strategies by identifying the key market segments expected to register strong growth in the near future.
  • Understand the key distribution channels and what’s the most preferred mode of product distribution – Identify, understand and capitalize.


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