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All-new vehicles from Renault-Nissan’sCommon Module Family” will reflect “cost-breakthrough” pricing in multiple body and powertrain configurations
Production will begin in Chennai in 2015 for the Indian market
Renault and Nissan continue to aggressively expand dealer network and product lineup in India
CEO and Chairman Carlos Ghosn confirmed today that the Renault-Nissan Alliance is developing all-new vehicles to meet the specific demands of new car buyers in the world’s fastest growing economies.
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The announcement marks the first all-new program developed from the ground up by Renault SAS and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., teams working side by side from inception. The program, internally named CMF-A, covers the most affordable category of cars in the Common Module Family, Renault-Nissan’s unique, modular system of vehicle architecture.
The CMF approach defines vehicles as five essential modules: the engine bay, cockpit, front underbody, rear underbody and electrical/electronic architecture. The compatible parts can then be assembled into hundreds of possible configurations, for maximum efficiency and brand differentiation.
Production of vehicles within the CMF-A scope will begin in 2015 at the Renault-Nissan Alliance plant in Chennai. Renault and Nissan will reveal additional details, including pricing details and product volume, closer to the start of production.
Like all CMF categories, CMF-A offers a high degree of flexibility. Significant body style and powertrain variations can be matched to specific customer needs and preferences in India and other high-growth markets.
“We are breaking new ground with CMF-A to meet and exceed the high standards of consumers in the world’s fastest growing economies – particularly people buying a new car for the first time,” Ghosn said at Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre, the Chennai-based engineering facility where development work on CMF-A began last year. “These influential consumers don’t want a decontented car originally intended for consumers in mature markets. They want and deserve a car that is modern, robust and stylish – at a price point that represents a ‘cost breakthrough’ for such a generous vehicle.”
To read more about Renault-Nissan’s overall CMF approach[], click here, or watch the video.

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