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Posts tagged "Food & Beverage"

Localism emotion is most positive among Japanese and Australian consumers

A wave of Localism is widespread across the globe as consumers are increasingly opting for local brands rather than foreign products, driven by anti-globalization, sustainability, health-consciousness and ethnocentrism, says leading data and Analytics Company. According to some latest report reveals  →
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Economic growth and consumer confidence shape future of Philippine food and grocery sector

The Philippines is among the fastest-growing economies among the Southeast Asian countries. As such, the retail trade is forecast to witness a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% throughout 2016-2021, one amongst the highest within the Asia-Pacific region. Food and grocery sector is the largest among the Philippines’ retail industry accounting for 65% of the overall retail sales in  →
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Craft beer fatigue is sending beer and cider consumers in APAC to search for new options

Alcoholic beverage consumers tend to be novelty seeking, but constant shelling with craft launches and unusual flavors has led consumers to feel that they are loaded with choice, says leading data and Analytics Company. According to some recent news that  →
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