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Posts tagged "IoT"

IoT: Assessing and Addressing Security Challenges

  When digital networks are vulnerable, they are exposed cyber-attacks have gradually transformed from being theft driven to well-planned hacks of a greater magnitude that can manipulate organizational data, causing serious disruptions and while Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and  →
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Top 6 technology trends to watch out for in the travel and tourism industry in 2018

The advent of technology is nurturing a change in the travel and tourism industry regarding how companies interact with customers. Thus, travel businesses are opting these various technologies to meet customers’ expectations and improve operational efficiencies. Travel still revolves around  →
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Identity and Access Management Is the New Face of Cyber Security

Internet of things is changing much about the world we living from social networks to online purchase, even the way we drive to work. The Technology is evolving at a greater rate worldwide.  This equally challenging security of valuable personal  →
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Telcos target retailers spending for IoT device the market grow at $1.1 Billion by 2020

Telephone companies (Telcos) are amongst the mature technological organisation, they looking to change of their image from traditionally fixed-line infrastructure providers to the core offering of their businesses to technology-based digital innovations that retailers would eventually turn to when looking  →
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