4 Feb 2018

The retail market in UK forecast to rise up to 0.2% in 2018 and will keep growing out to 2022. The food & grocery sector was driving the UK retail market upwards, particularly convenience goods. But, The UK town centre retail market has been in decline on the since 2015. However, the town centre retail market will underperform towards the overall boom of total overall retail income inside the UK over the following five years, which will be pushed by way of retail parks and supermalls.

Occupied retail space in United Kingdom town centres is anticipated to say no with the aid of 0.8% in 2018 as retailers pick to close underperforming shops in high road places where footfall has weakened and that they retain to cognizance investment on vacation spot shops in more appealing locations, at the same time as meals service and leisure operators additionally flow in to fulfill converting consumer desires.

The forecasts for the food & grocery expenditure on the town centres will grow at 3.6% in 2018, making it the fastest-growing area in the UK city centre marketplace. It’s going to advantage from the basic boom in the region and the ongoing shift in client behaviour towards attractive outlets and purchases of meals-for-this night and food-on-the-pass gadgets, the subsequent investment from grocers.

The rising expenses are becoming an increasing number of intricate for stores, funding in smaller town centre shops is wanted in order for those places to remain an appealing destination for buyers. Notwithstanding the waning appeal, town centres are nevertheless a key retail place, accounting for extra than a third of total retail spend within the UK in 2017.


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Key benefits of buying this profile include:

  • Utilise our market sizing and forecasts for the key sectors in the town centres market to understand the impact of the growth of food & grocery in town centres and decline of non-food sales out to 2022.
  • Understand the opportunities in the town centres channel through our analysis of key issues in the market as well as the drivers which are aiding growth, such as landlords’ provision of lower or zero rents to avoid unoccupied units and growth in the number of independent stores and services creating diversity in town centres and helping to drive footfall.
  • Identify which retailers are growing their presence in town centres and what they are doing to drive share in order to identify what this means for your brand and how you will be impacted.
  • Use our consumer data to understand who is shopping in town centres, and those who shop frequently in the channel as well as the town centres shopper journey including sector profiles, use of leisure facilities and multichannel shopping habits.

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