New Delhi, 18 March 2019: Women are known always known for their mental/emotional strength for being the backbone of the family, but rarely for their physical strength. Women’s Horlicks wanted to break this very notion through its latest campaign, ‘Stories of Strength’. The campaign celebrates women who dared to follow their unconventional dreams and showed the world that they are not just mentally but physically strong too. The campaign also urges strong women to take care the very thing that makes them strong from within: their bones. The brand firmly believes that if women become as strong in mind as they are in mind, they can go out and conquer whatever they set their eyes on. Bone health is extremely important, as every 1 out of 2 Indian women are at a risk of low bone mineral density (BMD) which can lead to osteoporosis.

Adding more depth to the ‘Stand Strong’ narrative and to celebrate and support physical strength amongst women, Women’s Horlicks collaborated with:
– Dr. Seema Rao – India’s first women commando trainer
– Ratna Singh – India’s first female naturalist
– Uma Das – India’s first woman Dhaki player

These women explain the challenges and difficulties they faced in their unique career choices along with the physical and mental strength it required to fulfil their dreams.

With this campaign, Women’s Horlicks empowers women to breakdown the misconception that women can’t be not physically strong. It also aims to engage, encourage and equip women with the physical strength that is needed to follow their passions.

Women’s Horlicks encouraged women to write their own stories of strength and share them at #StandStrong. Physical strength is displayed by women in various facets of life. But it is not talked about, not encouraged or celebrated. Now it is time we celebrate their stories of physical strength too.

Excerpts from Spokesperson

Vikram Bahl, Executive Vice President Marketing, GSK Consumer Healthcare India said,” Women in India are often celebrated for their emotional solidarity and not physical strength. With Stories of Strength, we wanted to break this misconception and enable women to be physically, emotionally and mentally strong. As a brand that challenges stereotypes, we believe that for this it is our responsibility to encourage women to invest in strengthening their body and mind, so that they can pursue their dreams and aspirations.”

Swati Bhattacharya, CCO, FCB Ulka, said, “Every story of bravery, every story of strength and every story of courage, is often a man’s story, we don’t hear a woman’s stories of courage. Women stories are about sacrifice, being vulnerable or being rescued. So, with ‘Stories of Strength’ we thought of changing the narrative, so that when we think of strength, we don’t just think of men.”

The film is the latest product from FCB FuelContent. Speaking on the occasion, Debarpita Banerjee, President- North and East, FCB Ulka and Head FuelContent India said, “Each of these women have stories with plenty of strength and equal proportions of soul in it. And balancing the two visually was an interesting challenge. At Fuel Content we feel lucky to partner brave brands such as Women’s Horlicks, that ware wanting to connect and create conversations differently.”

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