YNew stores – a new format brick and mortar Re-Commerce brand has partnered with Reboot Systems a leading provider of refurbished systems, headquartered out of Hyderabad, India.

Speaking from his store location, Mr.Dashradh Ram Nutakki, Founder & Managing Director, Sloyd Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (Owns & Operates YNew brand) said, “YNew is a new-generation Re-Commerce store and is the first of its kind in India. YNew is an innovative local marketplace which is redefining the process of sale and purchase of used & refurbished electronic goods. We offer a unique platform for both buyers and sellers to transact pre-owned, refurbished and factory seconds lifestyle gadgets, which addresses a dual consumer problem. In many ways we are like a brick and mortar version of ‘ebay’.

We believe partnering with Reboot gives us the much needed synergy to bring refurbished computers to consumers at affordable prices.”
Keeping in spirit of the YNew store launched in Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad, Mrs. Sai Padma (customer) who purchased a Reboot refurbished computer at YNew Store said that she felt she had made a smart choice as she not only saved good money but was environmentally conscious of her decision too. And so she decided on a refurbished system for her family in preference of a brand new one.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. NV Subbarao, Director & CEO, Reboot Systems said, “Partnering with YNew offers significant synergies as customers can avail eco-friendly computers at affordable prices in their very own neighborhood areas. Computer penetration in India is still below 10%, and if you examine the same outside of the 6 large metros, then it is a very low ~ 3%. Indian tier II/III cities and below are yet to witness any meaningful computer adoption and have been largely underserved in this era of digital literacy. It is a much needed responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure digital inclusion at all levels and should start with schools and individual homes – for education in future will largely be guided via computers.

Subbarao endorsed the merits of adopting such frugal innovation led recycle (re-engineered and re-certified) systems, as they have proven to be eco-friendly and cost effective, world over. Also Re-engineering of computers has become the acceptable norm world-over, as it offers significant advantages of safeguarding the environment from e-waste issues while providing the opportunity of owning computers at reasonable prices). So it is important to be conscious of the environmental benefits too.

Elaborating on same, the following information was shared:
One Reboot desktop (CPU + monitor) conserves 106 lbs of carbon emissions which equals 4 trees or 18 gallons of gasoline.
One Reboot laptop conserves 41 lbs of carbon emissions which equals 2 trees or 7 gallons of gasoline.
Reboot board represented by Mr. Anand Tater and Mr. Rahul Chowdhury (alumnus of the Kellogg’s Management School) said that the Indian market is at an interesting stage of discovering and adopting computers and that it is a core operating belief at Reboot that ‘everyone deserves a computer’.

About Reboot Systems:
Reboot Systems headqartered out of Hyderabad, is a Microsoft Registered Re-furbisher known for technology recovery, value re-engineering and re-marketing. Through adoption of global technology, processes and know-how, Reboot is building the foundation for more sustainable and environmental friendly technologies for an even better tomorrow via risk-free solutions.

Reboot delivers ‘just like new systems’ and provides a portfolio of customizable solutions for individual, SME and corporate/institutions through its product range series called Reboot Smart,  Reboot Ultra, Reboot Turbo and Reboot Xtreme – so every customer can get what’s really best for him or her, than what’s possibly the best in the market or the most expensive. Accordingly the Reboot’s brand motto of live moredo more isto enable eco-friendly computers at affordable prices to all customer segments with particular emphasis to the emerging tier II and III cities of India. Visit http://www.reboot.co.in to know more.

Balaji Koneru,

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