Mumbai, February 28, 2019: IDFC FIRST Bank has partnered G5A Foundation for Contemporary
Culture to present Utterly Gutterly Atrocious – a theatrical production that seeks to raise social
awareness about the significance of a mindful attitude towards clean, healthy and self-sustained
zero-waste neighborhoods in Mumbai.
Utterly Gutterly Atrocious, to be staged on March 3 at G5A in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, is part of G5A’s
Arts and Transformation series and the Swachh Worli Koliwada project, an initiative supported by
IDFC FIRST Bank under the Swachh Bharat Mission.
The one-of-its-kind play uses creative expression to build cultural consciousness about societal
attitudes towards waste among members of the Worli Koliwada community, as well as residents of
Mumbai. It is intended to advocate and influence sustainable social change that will help create
clean and vibrant neighborhoods. The play features young talented members of the Worli Koliwada
community alongside professional actors and technicians.
The support to G5A’s Swachh Worli Koliwada project was initiated on June 5, 2018, on World
Environment Day, by Mr. Vaidyanathan, as Founder & Chairman of the erstwhile Capital First Ltd to
support the Swachh Bharat Mission of the country.
Worli Koliwada is a wonderful scenic location, but its importance can only be reinforced and
strengthened through sustainable revitalization initiatives and consistent cleanliness efforts, jointly
by all stakeholders, including residents of Worli Koliwada and the larger G South Ward.
The project envisages starting a solid waste management program including awareness sessions
with community members, waste segregation at source and mindful treatment and reuse of dry and
wet waste. The project will include training and empowering of key groups in the community.
Following the merger of Capital First with IDFC Bank, the Swachh Worli Koliwada project now forms
part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of IDFC FIRST Bank, the combined entity
Mr. V Vaidyanathan, MD & CEO, IDFC FIRST Bank, said, “We are delighted to participate in the
project for clean-up of Worli Koliwada under the Swachh Bharat Mission. We look forward to a
clean Worli Koliwada for its residents and for our country. I am equally delighted that a musical
journey and arts are being used to raise awareness and support for interventions related to the
Swachh Worli Koliwada project. Utterly Gutterly Atrocious is thought-provoking and strikingly
The play also presents young participants from Worli Koliwada an opportunity to work alongside
professional artists and discover their own inherent creativity and capability.

Utterly Gutterly Atrocious, is a musical journey which, through its dynamic and unexpected sub
plots, and many twists and turns, satirises and challenges people’s attitudes towards waste, class
and caste in a funny, and engaging way. It is a delightful, witty spin on the classic tale of the hare and
the tortoise for children and young adults. The play is set in a mystical world inhabited by many
unusual folk – including a crazy colonel, a French spy, an eccentric king, a shrewd minister, many
hares and tortoises, a young boy, Suvarna – and his mad, mad adventures through Gutterland.
Utterly Gutterly Atrocious is a creative collaboration between G5A and Aarambh Mumbai.
The Bank’s interventions are structured in a way that they not only impact communities directly, but
are self-sustaining in the long run. The Bank’s partnerships also go beyond funding, to active
involvement in strategy and implementation of social impact programs on ground.
Some of the Bank’s interventions that seek to be transformational include G5A’s Swachh Worli
Koliwada project in Mumbai, Bubbles Centre for Autism in Bangalore, MBA Scholarship program for
aspiring meritorious by economically weak students, and Project Saksham for less privileged women.
The CSR mission of the Bank focusses mainly on Education but also includes Livelihoods, Women
Empowerment, Health and Financial Inclusion.

Note on Utterly Gutterly Atrocious
MARCH 03, 2019: 12PM AND 4PM at G5A, Mahalaxmi
DURATION: 1 hour 30 minutes
Language: English, Hindi
CALL G5A BOX OFFICE – +91 – 88792 08475 or 022 – 4970 4622
Cast & Credits
Writer & Director:
Purva Naresh
Aarambh Mumbai:
Himanshu Talreja, Asmit Pathare, Harsh Khurana, Sariika Singh, Advait Kottary, Niranjan Iyengar,
Darshan Jayesh, Laxmi Nayar / Subhashree Sahoo, Aamir Aziz, Hari Jangid / Shahnawaz Alam, Vedpal
Rakhi Kashyap
Community participants of Worli Koliwada as performers:
Utkarsh Singh, Avani Basa, Sanskriti Lad, Aditi Desai, Shubham Manjarekar, Swarup Nar, Anubhav
Singh, Deepak Singh, Reeya Keer, Kartik Keer, Mugdha Parab, Sahil Tikam, Aniket Sathe, Shubham
More, Yash Patil, Prajyot, Mayur Sathe
Backstage: Annie, Shivam, Saurabh
Light Design: Asmit Pathare, Adi Shastri
Light Operations: Sachin Lele
Anadi Nagar
Anadi Nagar, Srijonee
Varun Gupta, Ritesh Malaney
Musicians from Worli Koliwada
Nelson Maithrie & Joy Maithrie
Production and Community Liaison (G5A)
Ashok Shinde, Aishwarya Kumar, and Ankita Shah, supported by Sopan Borkar and
Deepak Rampure
Props and Costumes for community participants created by residents of Worli Koliwada, facilitated
by Samir Bharadwaj.
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About G5A Foundation
The G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture is a not-for-profit organization that encourages contemporary
art and culture that is experimental and courageous, good governance that is inclusive and participatory, and
ecosystems that are equitable and resilient. At G5A, we believe that art and culture have the power to catalyze
change for the better – by challenging people to think critically, creatively, and courageously.
Since its inception in January 2016, G5A has collaborated with more than 350 artists and presented more than
350 programs across Cinema, Theatre, Music, Dance, Language Arts, New Media Arts, Architecture and Design
at the different spaces in the warehouse, with PORT (our café) playing an integral role, supplementing the
program content through space and F&B offerings.
With G5A, Founder & Artistic Director Anuradha Parikh’s vision was to create a process model for a more
liveable and creative city through art and cultural practice. Art has the power to change, and G5A is that safe
space that nurtures and encourages bold, creative and experimental work. This in turn creates a visionary
audience, visionary patrons and gradually an entire creative community.
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About Aarambh Mumbai
Aarambh Mumbai is a theatre group based out of Mumbai with a catalogue of five award winning plays
developed in four years. Aarambh is focused upon generating engaging and socially relevant content in Hindi
and other Indian languages for various platforms of the performing arts sector with a special focus on theatre.
Aarambh believes in entertainment with a conscience and are perpetually focused on bridging the seemingly
wide gap between entertainment and issue- based storytelling. Aarambh’s core expertise is to tell stories
infused with music and dance.
Founder member Purva Naresh is a writer, director, dancer, pakhawaj player, and actor herself.

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