Press releases and news articles:

Press Releases help your company to build and maintain your brand image. Press Releases entail sharing important messages and engaging with the audiences. Press Releases are a budget friendly tool to gain maximum visibility in the market place. We offer relevant and strategic content, optimized with keywords. We offer free posting in different press release sites which will bring free traffic to your website and further enhance your online presence.
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Power point presentations for press conferences:

Companies hold press release conferences to announce important news, deliver presentations, and answer the questions of journalists and media persons. DART provides conference support services including preparation of professional power point presentations and content for the press conference. We provide brief content, charts, graphs, images, videos and visually appealing graphics in the power point presentation and use advanced software for the same purpose.
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Annual Reports:

Annual reports have increasingly become a marketing document. Companies wish to publish professionally written and well-designed annual reports. We have on board a team of Analysts who possess deep knowledge of markets and industries. We offer strategic guidance, timely delivery, professional presentation, colorful graphics, and well written content in the annual reports. Our annual report services include –

  • Primary and secondary research
  • Providing the theme and the creative concept
  • Strategic report writing and creative content writing
  • Graphic designs that include charts, symbols, graphs, typography etc.
  • Proof reading
  • Final Annual report in PDF version

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