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Monthly archive January, 2018

Insurance Sector Wants to Build Better Customer Relationship Using Smart Technology

Jan 23, 2018 Smart Technology those are capable to adapt automatically and modify behaviour to fit environment providing data to analyze and infer from, drawing conclusions from rules. It also is capable of learning that is using the experience to  →
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Australian Banks Aims for One Billion Dollars from New Payments Platform

Jan 17, 2018 Australian Banks brings New Payments Platform (NPP) which allow the customers to transact 24/7 real-time payment between two account or many accounts. The Banks will bring into operational service this year is estimated to be $785 million (A$ 1  →
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Africa and the Middle East Attracts Multi Billion Investment for Smart City Development

Jan 9, 2018 Smart infrastructure is the multibillion-dollar hyper-liveable cities gaining attraction in Africa and the Middle East (AME), which are fastest urbanizing countries in the world. The urban population in the region has increased from 21% in 1960 to 45%  →
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Malaysia’s Mobile revenue will account for 63.0% of total telecom revenue in 2021

Jan 2, 2018 Regular growth in the consumption of mobile data, fixed broadband, VoIP and pay-television offerings is helping Malaysia’s telecom market remain possible through to 2021. Malaysia expansion of High-speed wireless and fixed Broadband Networks to force Telecom market  →
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