In today’s scenario, technology is shaping the future of education industry, and the use of technology in education has become imperative due to the increased demand for quality education. There is a growing trend toward career building, distance learning, and sophisticated learning-management systems.

Collaborative technology in education has become a trend as the young people have grown up in the computing environment. Moreover with the advancement of web technologies, there emerged a wide range of educational tools that can be used by the students in and outside the classroom. Teachers and lecturers today are able to hold online and real-time discussions with their students, help them throughout in their projects and assignments, guide their learning, and synchronously moderate discussion threads.

This report provides market overview of the current and the upcoming trends in the education sector, technology vendors, and complete landscape of technology that is used for the collaborative technology in education. There is a very detailed description about the global collaborative technology players in educational sector. It further list out the top Indian technology companies catering to the education industry. The report also gives a brief about various collaborative technology adopters and the successful cases in India. It also examines the evolution in the effective implementation of ICTs, educational ERP in the education industry, and the key technology projects in education sector.

The report describes the key drivers for the technology in India’s educational sector. Other highlights of the report are the complete overview of the education market, upcoming trends, market breakup, market segmentation, market size in next 5 years in India, and the scope for the technology vendors in India. In addition, sector wise market forecast and trends among government and the private sectors are described in detail.

According to DART Report, the total market for collaborative technology in educational technology in

India will grow from estimated US$69.18 million (INR 449.67 Crores) in 2016 to US$134.59 million (INR 874.84 Crores) by 2020.

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