Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited organized an “Organ Donation Awareness Drive”

08 August 2013, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (IBHFL) philosophy. The company values the importance of CSR activities for the community at large apart from fulfilling the needs of home seekers around the country.

There is a vast shortage of donated organs in our country as a result of which, many patients on the waiting list succumb to disorders as they do not receive an organ in time. The need for organ donors has been ever increasing in our country and to embrace this social need, IBHFL organised an Organ Donation Awareness Drive on 8th August 2013 at the Indiabulls Finance Centre, Mumbai.

This was organized in association with Shatayu, a NGO. The awareness was spread through mailers circulated to Indiabulls employees and was followed up with posters and standees being put up at the premises .The HR Team also personally visited other corporate offices in the vicinity and encouraged participation towards the noble cause. The drive was attended by senior management of IBHFL, Mr. Gagan Banga (MD & CEO), Mr. Ashwini Kumar Hooda (DMD), Ms. Varsha Shetty (HR Head), Mr. Manvinder Singh Walia  (EVP) and Mr. Monu Ratra (NBH) who stepped ahead and pledged to donate their organs

Mr. Ashwini Kumar Hooda (DMD) shared his thoughts on the noble cause and said that it is important to create awareness about organ donation in our country, where several people lose their lives, in hope of getting a suitable organ replacement. Today when the medical advancements are such, that if each of one of us stands to pledge our organs then we can together save thousands of lives.

Organ donation drive organised by IBHFL in association with Shatayu was a great success with over 180 people who pledged their names and authenticated their decision to donate organs & save many lives.

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