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HexaGreen will host Green Habitat Summit India 2013 on August 20-21 in New Delhi
The Summit will focus on technologies, strategies, and financial mechanisms that can help the ULBs and states achieve sustainability goals – from building infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to promoting a thriving green economy.
The summit will bring in government agencies, entrepreneurs, private enterprises and the civil society to share their experience and deliberate on areas like sustainable buildings, energy efficiency, renewable energy, building materials, wastewater management, solid waste management, and waste-to-wealth initiatives and to chalk out a sustainable and green roadmap for habitats, including buildings, housing projects, townships and cities.
Green Habitat Summit India 2013 aims to identify green technologies and direct the ULBs and states towards sustainable and eco-friendly development.
Dr. Sukumar Devotta, Former Director, National environmental Engineering Research institute (NEERI) and convener of the event, said, “It is a compelling case for sustainable infrastructure projects to have a clear and well-structured road map. I hope that The Green Habitat Summit 2013 will bring together all stakeholders including leading think-tanks and practitioners and provide valuable insights, which can be put into action.”
Mr. Nesar Ahmed, Former President, Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), founder of Universal Knowledge Foundation (UKF) and Adviser with HexaGreen, said, “Measuring impacts on environmental, social, and economic aspects of our buildings and cities is only a first, albeit essential, step towards a sustainable future. We need to create financial framework to help sustain the urban future of India.”
Thought provoking issues that the summit will deliberate on:
Energy Efficient Buildings: What are all stakeholders up to?
Solid Waste Management: Enough or require more innovative ideas?
LEDs: Green vs. Price
Urban Design in 21st Century: Where have we been mistaken and what is the way forward?
Beyond BRTS & CNG: What do we need in Urban Transportation?
Green Building Materials: Breaking the barrier
Sustainable Water Management: Where are the gaps and how do we bridge them
LEED & GRIHA: Do they need to change?
Green Investing in India: Has it gone well over the years?
Getting environment clearance: Perception Vs. Reality
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