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Women Tend to Use Cash Frequently Than Men

Women tend to use cash 6% more frequently than men at a global average, which is a very common trait across all the markets, according to a consumer payments survey conducted in 2017 of 30,000 buyers crosswise over 35 showcases  →
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£215billion of UK millionaires’ wealth will be inherited over the next 10 years

The majority of wealth managers around the world agree that intergenerational wealth transfers will be a big source of business for the industry in the near future, according to a leading data and analytics company. According to some Latest reports  →
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Blockchain is leveraged by Bancassurers to further penetrate insurance in APAC

The open architecture integration model supported by regulators in China, Hong Kong and India, among others, in a push for open banking, has empowered bancassurers to seek new technologies, such as Blockchain and APIs, to further enter insurance according to  →
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Telcos investing in VRAR to hit revenue streams beyond 5G

Telcos are becoming interested in the potential revenue streams related to virtual and augmented reality (VRAR), since it is not only a vehicle for 5G monetization, but can also bring growth opportunities in connectivity, content innovation and service platforms, states  →
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IoT: Assessing and Addressing Security Challenges

  When digital networks are vulnerable, they are exposed cyber-attacks have gradually transformed from being theft driven to well-planned hacks of a greater magnitude that can manipulate organizational data, causing serious disruptions and while Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and  →
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The Future of Retail

                            In this highly competitive business landscape the offering is everything and businesses more than ever need to know their niche inside out. As consumers themselves are  →
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Why are millennials important?

Everyone is talking about Millennials today and nearly every tourism marketer is making them a priority ,f or businesses involved in the travel and tourism sector, it is hard to ignore millennial travelers as they constitute around one-fifth of international tourists  →
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North America region led the global gas generators

                          Global gas generators Market Size, Competitive Landscape, Key Country Analysis, and Forecast offers comprehensive information and understanding of the global gas generators market, this will tells you  →
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Battle for the Indian VoD market increases with the arrival of international players

The era of video on demand (VoD) is rapidly gripping the Indian entertainment industry by virtue of the increase in both international and domestic over-the-top (OTT) players, says a leading data and analytics company. The digital media passion and the  →
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Wealth managers need to speed up their game to reach out to Australian HNW expats

There is a fierce competition going on for high net worth (HNW) expat clients in Australia where wealth managers who are involved clients in a foreign country providing assistance during relocation will enjoy a competitive advantage, says leading data and  →
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