A survey of 150 Indian enterprises regarding their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) investment survey results are majority of Indian enterprises are willing to increase the ICT budget which is 85% more compared to 2015 – 2016.


According the report the Indian enterprises in the country to increase investments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), in core technologies such as software, hardware, and IT services to improve their efficiency and productivity.  A part of investment towards data centres, as it forms an integral part of the digital transformation happening in India as government initiates “Digital India”.

In spite of the fact that cloud adoption is at a beginning stage in India, the information ministry’s guidelines to embrace cloud solutions is ICT sellers the expected driving force to grab these opportunities. Indian undertakings likewise put resources into Internet of Things (IoT) to make utilization of the information produced for growing new business methodologies.

Indian enterprises are aiming to stand out in the market over their competitors, and are looking to sustain in the competitive market conditions through IT investments. In addition, organizations prefer vendors that can offer a variety of disruptive solutions with specific industry expertise.

The long-term sustenance of macroeconomic stability and structural and economic reforms implemented by the country can further widen the scope of ICT investments. The endeavours to upgrade efficiency and the presentation of such changes could render India a standout amongst the most positive goals for ICT investments.

Contents of the Report

  • Table of Contents
  • Key findings
  • Key implications for ICT vendors
  • Executive summary
  • Survey demographics
  • ICT budget changes
  • ICT budget allocation by core technology area
  • Hardware budget breakdown
  • Software budget breakdown
  • Third party IT services expenditure
  • Communications expenditure
  • Cloud computing budget
  • ICT budget allocation by function
  • Outsourced IT functions
  • ICT investment priorities and vendor satisfaction
  • Mobility management
  • Communications & collaboration
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business objectives influencing IT investment strategy
  • ICT provider selection
  • Key decision makers for purchasing technology
  • Appendix

Key benefits of buying this profile include:


  • Understand how the Indian enterprise ICT landscape is set to change in 2017 to prioritize your target market
  • Comprehend how ICT money are being allocated by Indian enterprises in specific verticals and size bands to improve your market penetration
  • Make effective business decisions by recognizing the opportunities within each of the core areas of ICT spend (hardware, software, IT services, telecommunications, and consulting)
  • Realign your sales initiatives by understanding the current strategic objectives of Indian enterprises
  • Enhance your market segmentation with the included, detailed breakdown of opportunities within selected technology categories (mobility management, communications & collaboration, IoT, and cloud computing)
  • Prioritize your focus areas by understanding which factors are influencing Indian enterprises’ decisions when selecting an ICT provider
  • Understand the changes in customers’ priorities and identify the business objectives that Indian enterprises are looking to achieve through their ICT investment strategies.

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